When Olivia Pierson wanted to bring her Mom, Julia Jerome Pierson for a meeting to meet me to play matchmaker for her Mom, she didn’t think that its in my nature to be interested in her romantic life as well ?

Her first reaction was defensive, and she used a few profanities I recall from our meeting but she changed her tune, when we focussed more on which one of the eligible bachelors, that she surprisingly said looked like her Dad,  I presented to be set up with her mom.

Julia went out on a meet and greet with Allan for real and as part of the popular E Channel Relatively Nat and Liv reality TV series that follows the high-octane shenanigans of the PIERCROWS families living in Vancouver.  The date arranged by Matchmaker for Hire Jane Carstens at the request of the producers took place on a patio overlooking Vancouver while “the family” happens to surprisingly mix in with the crowd on the seawall and crash the date.  The 90-minute filming last fall translated into three minutes of footage which was the least dramatic part of Season 1.   

Season 1 – Episode 6 aired in USA Tuesday July 3 on E Channel and this Sunday July 7 in Canada.  

We will be watching Canada !

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