These dating photo tips are meant to craft the perfect snapshot of who you are, but it only gets your foot in the door. If you need help figuring out what to do next, we can help at Matchmaker for Hire.

How Many Photos to Have?

Too many pictures can be overkill.  No one wants to get overwhelmed with the number of photos so keep it a relatively low number.  Our suggestion 3 is a great number to have, and no less.

What Pictures to Use?

There are two kinds of pictures that you absolutely need to have in your profile.  One should be a picture of your face relatively close up (no sunnies).  Another should be a picture of your full body.  Think about it from his/her perspective; she wants to see what you look like, just like you want to see what she looks like.  Showing only one part of yourself creates the impression that you are hiding something and concealing it is only going to make you look dishonest when you finally meet.

Pictures of You being Awesome

You’re a great person with a vibrant social life, you want him/her to know that.  So the best shots are the ones—within the guidelines that we’ve already established –are pictures of you out and having fun.  You need to have at least one picture of you alone , but also have one having a killer time. Even it you’re just standing by yourself in a picture somewhere cool, like hiking or a tourist attraction or foreign skyline, you’re communicating same thing; you’re a fun loving person.

What Kind of Pictures to Avoid

Pictures with kids generally don’t do well, nor do shirtless selfies in your bathroom mirror are best avoided.  In fact, it’s best to avoid selfies in general.

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