This weekend , I saw one kick-ass live Comedy show with Trevor Noah and he had my back and didn’t disappoint.  Shocking as it may sound, when I ask singles what top qualities they look for in a partner, most say a sense of humor !

There is just something about a person who makes you giggle, and there’s a reason Seth Rogen never fails to steal our hearts in every movie.  Funny has a charm and electricity about it that’s hard to deny.  Here’s a few reasons why “silly” will always have you hooked;

  • It never gets boring and it makes things exciting because you have to be quick to keep up with he or she.
  • Sure anyone can tell a good old fashioned joke, but it takes a certain type of a genius to nail a punchline that will make you laugh until your belly hurts.
  • Nothing eases up an awkward moment better than a good-hearted joke – and they also know when the time is right to tease and when it is better not.
  • They teach you to laugh at life and yourself. What is a sweeter love when you can both truly be yourself around each other.
  • Unlike so many others who seem one-dimensional, funny people have a beautiful complex to them. When they are comfortable enough to reveal their sensitive side to us, it is a special and intimate feeling.
  • Most importantly, they never fail to bring a smile to your face.  If you laugh at all their funny antics, you probably have a crush.  If you also laugh at the failed one-liners, you my friend, are already in love.

Would a stand up show be a good date idea for you ?

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